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Leviathan Engineering is looking to acquire established sub contract engineering and niche mechanical manufacturing companies across the UK covering the following criteria;

  • Vendors looking for planned exit strategy
  • Partial or full management teams.
  • Minimum of £3 million revenue and ideally more than 10 employees.
  • Strong gross margins and consistently profitable.
  • Broad customer base in our preferred market segments.
  • Strong technical and commercial synergy to the existing group.

Leviathan Engineering can provide Business Owners with an ideal exit opportunity which includes the following benefits;

  • An extremely experienced and component buyer with a proven track record of funding acquisitions.
  • Securing the legacy of your business long term through the group
  • An honest and straightforward approach to negotiations and acquisition education.
  • Deal structure and incentives placed to form a long term partnership approach.

Leviathan Engineering Values businesses in the same way as approximately 80% of the SME marketplace so under the following conditions;

  • Leviathan Engineering buys businesses on a multiple of cash flows.
  • Purchase businesses between 3 – 5 times the companies adjusted EBITDA over the last 3 years of full financial accounts. – Taking into account the latest year performance and forecast to determine the final base figure.
  • The net assets including common plant and machinery needed for engineering businesses are not taken into account unless there has been significant underinvestment to maintain those earnings.
  • The calculation of the EBITDA earnings would include important add backs including property rental, new/existing management salaries, group management charges, company vehicles etc which would either need to be included or would be removed after completion to adequately sustain the business.
  • Leviathan Engineering would typically not purchase property but would insist in entering a long term lease as part of any transaction potentially providing long term revenue stream

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