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What we can do for you:

Leviathan Engineering can provide various benefits for our stakeholders not limited to;


Can be provided with unique and tailored turnkey technical solutions to their subcontracting needs. Leviathan Engineering can address larger and more complex projects, simplifying the process for procurement teams, buyers and engineers who can be struggling to identify the most optimal technical solutions.

Business Owners:

Can be provided with an ideal exit option from a very experienced and component buyer where the future legacy of the business is ensured and enhanced as part of the wider group whilst at the same time maximising exit value. Leviathan Engineering takes a clear partnership approach in regards to acquisitions whereby various incentives are placed to allow a sensible and planned transition of management which is in the interest of all parties.

Financial Institutions:

Can be provided with a truly unique and exciting investment opportunity to support the development of an integrated engineering group capable of delivering for high value and high growth sectors crucial the UK economy. The opportunity to provide both financial and non-financial added valued at company and wider group level is exceptional and creates a compelling investment case.

Suppliers and Sub-contractors:

Can look to build extensive relationships with our supplier and sub-contractors where our ideal position is to have preferred supplier status. This position relies on a strong and embedded relationships to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

Why we will do it better:

The Leviathan Engineering group recognises the demand and opportunity that a specific technical integrated engineering group can provide. A range of high value sectors will benefit by allowing customers to outsource technical risk and complexity.

With the experience and competence of the Leviathan Engineering team combined with a clear, targeted strategy, we are well placed to build an industry leading engineering group.

The fragmented nature of engineering SMEs places us in prime position to create an exit route for existing owners providing the opportunity to join a highly technically capable engineering group which are in short supply and high demand.

With our first acquisition completed in December 2021, the group now comprises of 5 companies attesting to our rapid progress.

“Leviathan Engineering takes a clear partnership approach in regard to acquisitions”